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6 reasons to hire with us

1. No more expensive external recruiter fees.

2. Only pay if you make a successful hire.

3. Industry experts only. No recruiter referrals.

4. Reach talent who aren't browsing job boards daily.

5. Vetted referrals from marketing industry experts.

6. No more "post and pray" job board listings.

Built to help...

Welcome to refer-cruitment

Save on recruiter fees. Not only is it free to post a job on sidestep, but our typical bounty is less than half the price than a recruiter's commission would be.

Better quality applicants. Our scouts know the marketing industry and most have personally worked alongside the candidates so can provide quality, genuine referrals. Our detailed referral survey is tailored to your job vacancy so by the time you speak with a sidestep referral you'll feel like you've already done 2 interviews!

Hassle Free.We screen all referrals to ensure no recruiters sneak in there. You focus on interviews, we'll focus on finding the candidates.

Steph can help you take the next step

Don't miss your dream job. You're more than likely already working full time. You don't have the time or energy to be trawling job boards. Our talent scouts (like Steph), are in your network and refer you to jobs you would otherwise have missed.

Golden handshake. You're taking the risk in changing jobs, you've done the hard work getting to this point in your career and you're the one going through the interview process. Signing on bonuses shouldn't just be for footballers.

No sign up required. The best bit is you don't even need a profile on sidestep. We liaise directly with the talent scouts and your potential employer. We'll send you an email when you've been referred and you have full say on whether you want to be referred or not.. No obligation. If you do go ahead, we'll handle everything so you just sit back and wait for your bounty to arrive.

No more Amazon vouchers

Get paid for what you're already doing. We've all referred someone for a job. Why not get paid for it? You're doing the exact same service as a third party recruiter, you should get paid like one.

Referrals that will actually convert. Sending a link to someone's LinkedIn profile isn't a referral. We design a detailed survey and help you every step of the way to give the best referral possible, maximising the chances it converts into a successful hire.

We handle everything. From payments to contracts and beyond. You focus on crafting an excellent referral and expanding your talent network. We do the rest.

A step ahead of the competition

Logo Recruiter Job board
Average fee (% of salary) 7% 15% n/a
Fee based on success? Yes Yes, plus a retainer No, fixed fee
Candidate quality Very high Variable Only active job seekers
Applicant vetting By experts By industry outsider None
Referrer industry experience Significant Limited to none n/a
New hire bonus? Yes No No

No risk bounties

The only risky bounties should be at the bottom of a tin of Celebrations.

It's completely free to post a role and the bounty is only fully distributed when you've successfully onboarded your new superstar hire and they've passed probation.

🤿 Dive into the talent pool

Join our talent pool and you'll be the first to hear about new jobs when they're added.

Either if you're looking yourself, or if you want to refer a great marketer from your network.


🦸 Our mission

We're on a mission to make the first stage of the hiring process (talent discovery) simpler, more transparent and performance aligned for job seekers and hiring companies.

We're not a job board and we're definitely not recruiters.

Our talent pool is full of experienced marketers who are actively working in the industry. They have the best people in their networks and deserve to be compensated when they make an in depth referral.

We don't allow recruiters or recruitment agencies to refer talent and we carefully vet each referral to make sure it comes from people with active, hands on industry knowledge.

Businesses who are unhappy with the cost and performance of external recruitment agencies/agents.

Hiring managers and HR teams who know job boards are only frequented by active job seekers where the focus is on quantity, not quality.

Businesses who recognise that referrals are a reliable quality indicator and want to receive more candidate referrals from industry experts who know what the job entails (not who are good at searching for marketing keywords on LinkedIn).

Experienced marketers who have referred someone for a role in the past but questioned why they received a £250 Amazon voucher but an external recruiter would have received a £15,000 commission for doing the exact same thing 🤔

Businesses who are very happy with their talent sourcing via external recruiters and job boards.

Scouts who hate money and enjoy being underpaid for referring their network for new jobs.

Talent that would rather wait to be cold messaged on LinkedIn for their next role.