How it works - sidestep

How it works

We'll take you through the process step by step

The sidestep platform is different from any job board or recruitment platform you may have used in the past, so let's dive in.

6 steps to a great referral

Step 1
Job page referral
Usually takes under 5 minutes

On any job page (along with details of the role, bounty amounts etc), there is also a refer talent section.

In 5 minutes anyone can do step 1 of the referral process and suggest someone from their network for the role.

Step 2
Verification & nudging talent
Within 2 hours of referral step 1

We verify the connection between scout and talent. Then we email the talent and confirm that they're happy to be put forward for the role.

Step 3
Detailed referral survey
Within 1 hour of talent confirming they're happy

Once the talent confirms they're happy being put forward for the role (and they've been made aware of the bounty amounts), the scout is sent the detailed referral form. This is tailored to the job role and digs deeper into exactly why they would be an amazing addition to the team.

Step 4
Over to the hiring manager

The detailed referral form is passed on to the hiring manager and the interview process begins. We can't guarantee every referral makes it to the interview stage, but we'll keep all parties in the loop on progress every step of the way.

Step 5
Hire agreed and 50% bounty released
Typically within 1 month of referral step 1

If all goes well, the sidestep referral leads to a job offer and acceptance and everyone is happy! 🥳. At this stage, 50% of the bounty is released and split (as agreed) between talent and scout.

Step 6
Successful probation & remaining 50% released
1 to 3 months (company probation policy dependent)

Once your referral has started their new great job and successfully passed the probation period, the remaining 50% of the bounty is released and sidestep will liaise directly with both talent and scout to make this as seamless and speedy as possible.

If for any reason the probation period is unsuccessful😞, the remaining 50% of the bounty is returned to the employer.

Need a quick refresher on what our goal is with sidestep? Check out our FAQs page.